Snow Removal, Ice Clearing and Winter Maintenance in Burlington Ontario

Avoid the heavy lifting during the winter – Professional Winter Snow & Ice Clearance in Burlington and Surrounding Areas

Snow & Ice Removal

Depending on the region of the province you live in, or own a business in, the winter months can really add to the work and snow removal maintenance work that has to be done around your Burlington property. As a home owner, plowing, bringing out the snow blower, or doing the shoveling work manually can take a toll on you, and can really take up quite a bit of time if you have a larger property.

For commercial business owners, you have to keep your place snow free. Not only so customers can enter your property, and deliveries made – but also to avoid any liabilities from slip and fall accidents, in the event a client is hurt in your store, or on your property.

Avoid the work

When you hire a professional company to provide snow removal in Burlington, you do not have to do the work yourself. Not only do we visit your home when you call, we can provide plowing, shoveling, and snow clearance, in a fraction of the time you can do the work in. And, we will salt the sidewalks, to ensure fewer accidents, to protect visitors, and your family around the home and when leaving the home.

For business owners, if you are not prepared for the winter season, you do not have to worry about shoveling and plowing work; we can also provide services for commercial properties as well. Cleaning the front and back entrances of your business, will not only keep customers safe, but will also help avoid employee injuries, as they are leaving from or working in the back of the business.

Professional grade snow removal equipment

If you choose to hire the professionals for snow clearance and clean up, you can feel confident in the work quality and snow removal services.

With professional, commercial grade snow blowers, plowing machines, and large trucks to apply salt to the sidewalks, you know that all areas around the home or your business are going to be much safer for anyone who walks around the property.

With the best equipment, and with professional snow clearance machinery, you do not have to worry about any snow being left behind, or any ice hazards on the walkways around your property. Shovels, blowers, ice picks, and all the equipment required to do the job right are in place so your sidewalks will be as clear as possible, even after the heaviest snow storm of the season.

Ice and snow can cause quite a mess around the home or a business, and they also bring along the possibility of injuries, from slip and fall accidents. If you do not have the time, the equipment, or if you simply do not want to do the work yourself, it is in your best interest to hire professionals to clear the snow. Regardless of how big the property, or how bad the snow storm is, you can rely on our professional employees, commercial grade equipment, and timely services as arranged or when you call in for our Burlington snow removal services.