Year Round Property Maintenance Services & Lawn Care in Burlington Ontario

In today’s world we know that there isn’t enough time to relax and enjoy what you work so hard to create. We offer full lawn & property maintenance services in Burlington Ontario and surrounding areas, so you can come home and enjoy your private oasis instead of maintaining it.


Professional Lawn & Property Maintenance Services:

  • Weekly lawn maintenance & cutting
  • Commercial property maintenance
  • Detailed garden maintenance
  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Spring and fall clean ups
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Reliable snow removal

Our maintenance division is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable professionals, who take pride in providing you with quality service.


What to look for when considering a service provider? View Content
There are times when you may decide to build a new home or renovate the one that is already existing.

In such a case you will have to plan on how you will like your interior and exterior to look like. There are many, many considerations. At that point making some effort to meet professionals in the field of Build and Design will be one way for you to avoid pitfalls, ensure you have everything taken care of, and the benefit of experience over hundreds of projects.

How do you achieve the best result? Possibly you are well researched in a number of different ideas that you can easily apply to your exterior environment, for instance. There are no shortages of TV shows on the subject!  However, it is best to bear in mind that  the effort that you will make might lack some aspects, or perhaps overlook details that can cause either a small of large amount of effort to overcome – either now or later.

We offer our services to review your outline and offer the expertise of highly qualified experts –we feel this will be among the best decisions that you can ever make. Not all companies are equal, and we understand that they may be some concern – are the professionals the most dependable? The best qualified? The following are some tips for you to be able to select the best Build and Design Company for you to work with.

Consider a company where you will be able to get all the services related to Build and Design in one place

A company that will be able to offer you services such as landscape and home consultation, design, build and maintenance of your home will be the best company for you to work with. This is necessary because you may like to save on time required to carry out your project. It will be a great time savings where you will be able to get your services from a single company, a single point of contact, instead of contracting different companies .Perhaps contracting out might save on the money that you may have set aside – your budget. There will always be a trade off of your time (required to coordinate contractors) and the fees you pay to have everything coordinated for you. However, in using a single company to get all the services you might negotiate some discounts.

Consider a company that has highly qualified experts

Qualified experts are the best for you to work with. This can be seen easily when you will be able to get different tips and guidelines, and experienced advice from the experts on how to achieve the best in specific areas in your outdoor design, or your renovation or construction project. For instance, construction – you may have plant beds in your yard .With qualified experts they will advise you accordingly, considering drainage, access, ice buildup, and numerous other considerations hat you may not even be aware of, taking many factors into account There are some trees that are not appropriate in some parts of the compound .In making use of highly qualified experts they will easily tell you. For you to trust the qualification of the experts you can do your own research and ask them questions on the suitability of different materials, techniques and timing for your property. In case they offer considered answers then you can have much more trust in hiring such a company.

Availability of the company that you are about to hire

The company that you should hire should have working contact numbers. You should and can easily prove about this by contacting them. In contacting the company you should also take note the time that they will take to respond to your call. Communications are key – and should be a priority for any Design and Build firm that you hire. The ability to get important things right is key – and your peace of mind is very important.
Property/Grounds Maintenance
When considering the lawn, landscape design, and maintenance of your property, you deserve to hire the best landscape, property and grounds maintenance company for the job. When hiring a company to maintain, manicure, and mow and tend the landscape of your property, you are best to hire fully licensed and certified professionals for the job.

Services offered

When hiring the landscape team, you need to find the company that will work on the entire property. If you already have plants, trees, and shrubs planted, or if you would prefer to have them install new plant features, the best company will do the work, maintaining everything that you already have in place, as well as the plants and floral arrangements they install. With regular maintenance work, they will preserve the landscape design, keep the exterior space looking good at all times – enhancing the beauty of your property in ways that would be difficult for you to accomplish.

Maintenance work

From watering the lawn, to fertilizing the plants and trees, the best property/grounds maintenance company can at least provide these basic services, done flawlessly and with great attention to detail.

If you need insect and disease control services, after an outbreak, or to prevent loss of your plants and lawn areas, these intensive-care services can be brought to focus as required.

Additionally, if you would like the company to maintain the trees, shrubs, and hardscaping work that you have on the property, these higher-grade maintenance services that can be provided. If the services of a contractor or arborist, or high-lift equipment is required – professionals will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Regardless of what it takes to keep the lawn looking good, preserving the exterior areas of the home or a business, the best landscape company will provide all these services for you.

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Plants grow, predictably. If you need services performed on a weekly or monthly basis, you can set up a schedule which works for you to have the team come to your home or your place of business, to provide the services required. For larger businesses, that have a large lawn and garden area on the properties, if you need maintenance work done on a daily basis, or a few times during the week, you can also set up scheduled dates to have the work done regularly, to ensure your lawn and landscape area look good, year round. During certain times of the year, such as the summer months, more water and irrigation work might be required; you can schedule regular maintenance work around your needs. Or, during the winter season, you can schedule a few dates, as not as much work is required, and arrange for snow and ice clearance to preserve your yard access and prevent harmful build-up around beds or drainage areas..

No matter how big or small the lawn and garden area are, around the home or your place of business, a professional landscaping, and lawn maintenance service provider, can take care of the necessary services. Not only providing trimming, mowing, and watering services, they can also upgrade your lawn and garden, plant new trees, and render any additional services you require. Rather than try to take care of the property yourself, it is important to hire professionals, to ensure the work is done properly, and is done on a regular interval basis, saving you many hours of time, and making sure your landscape always looks neat, fresh and great. Contact us today for your all your lawn maintenance and property maintenance needs in Burlington Ontario and surrounding areas.